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My Yogic Journey

Let me be a guide to the heart and spirit of yoga and show you opportunities to help find strength, healing, and peace through its practice in your life.

My yogic journey began in 2017, using my intuition as a helpful guide, I began looking inward for answers and started practicing yoga in my free time. I allowed the breath work to cleanse me and gained a love for the practice. My newfound love and appreciation for the healing properties of yoga turned my practices into a daily habit. I  began incorporating everything I was learning from my practices into my everyday life. As I gained more insight on the practice itself and saw it’s true benefits, I knew I wanted to spread the love and knowledge of my findings into the world and the people around me.

I began my yoga teacher training in the summer of 2018, with the ultimate goal of inspiring positive change in everyone and guiding them on their path to living a better life. 

I am always striving to gain more knowledge and insight as I continue to grow both in the practice and spiritually. I  hope to be able to guide classes in Spanish and reach out to the Hispanic community in addition to offering a variety of classes for everyone. With what started off initially as a journey to healing my soul, I soon found that yoga had the power to heal much more. I am passionate about yoga’s unique ability to facilitate profound change – physically, mentally and spiritually. I have transformed myself and my surroundings to be sustainable, healthy, and nurturing. 

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